• Participating Makerspaces

    ARC Hub PNH


    Chiang Mai Maker Club


    Fablab Saigon


    Fablab Hanoi


    Fablab Singapore Polytechnic


    Gravitech Home of Makers




    Makerspace Pilipinas/Mind Museum


    OneMaker Group






    Biji-biji Initiative


    Asia School of Business Makerlab


    Sustainable Living Lab


  • Delegates Roll

    Here are the bio of some of the participants to the InnovASEAN Makers Summit

    Alex Kee

    Inventor . Malaysia

    A born maker that loves to create from gardening to cooking and renewable energy solutions. Many diverse interests but utmost passionate about solar energy, composting and rainwater harvesting using local available resources and IT whenever justifiable and appropriate. Alex is the inventor of the solar-thermal flask, solar vacuum tube oven among other awesome inventions.


    Imanzah Nurhidayat (Iboy)

    Innovator . Indonesia

    An Expert Generalist, a lifelong intrapreneur, and HR Geek: Iboy Imanzah , now cracking innovation and intrapreneurship as Senior Innovation Consultant at Zurich Innovation Center, is copartner of MakeDoNia Makerspace and Innovation Hub and also one of committee members of Taman Gagasan Anak (TaGA). His aspiration is to show to the public that greater purpose can be hand in hand with the highest profit.

    Teo Shin Jen

    Imagineer . Singapore

    Digital fabrication techniques offer such a rare opportunity for people like me, one who could not cut a line perfectly straight. For once, the imagining part of my mind could be realized by accessing FabLab@SP. The tools, machines, know-how, and gurus’ are the enablers for any budding “imagineers”.

    Pairoch Julrat

    Technologist . Thailand

    I am a Computer Engineer, Organic Farmer and Entrepreneur. I do programming for living at my own company. I also had established an Organic Agricultural company to realise my passion about producing & delivering clean food, and also do R&D in smart technology/ IoT to make life easy in farming for everyone. Established the local digital club at my home town called RoietIO.

    Ryo Seo-Zindy

    Researcher . UK

    Ryo is a PhD researcher from the University of Manchester, UK, investigating the role of makerspaces in fostering grassroots digital innovation in Southeast Asia. Before starting her PhD, she worked as a learning technologist, a UX designer and an anchovy seller wearing Korean traditional costumes.

    Steven Chew

    Educator . Singapore

    Senior Lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic. Managing Fablab Singapore Polytechnic & Fab Academy instructor. Has insatiable curiosity, many passions & interests. Inveterate tinkerer and jack-of-all-trades.

    Jeffrey Kong

    Brick Artist . Singapore

    Singapore artist Jeffrey Kong creates art with building bricks – an accessible and functional medium that everyone can use to tell their own story. He works on commissioned projects for corporate and government clients, organises brick workshops and teambuilding events, and has been featured in local and international media.

    Awaludin Aryanto

    Engineer . Indonesia

    Awaludin is Civil Engineer who passionate in woodwork and economic development. He currently manage his own community makerspace, Timba, who work with local artisan and Indonesian Youth to develop business. He also involved in Lentera Bumi Nusantara, an organization that willing to deliver Clean Energy, Cheap Technology, and Clean Water to the community.


    Lintang Adyuta Sutawika

    Roboticist. Indonesia

    Experienced in building and programming robots since his early years in university. He has had a love for mechanical things that move. As an IoT software engineer and an aspiring data scientist, Lintang hopes to help create value to people around him. He is also currently active in preparing for the Hack-a-Farm Innovation Camp where farmers and makers collaborate to address current agricultural issues.

    Alvin Chew

    Future Scientist. Singapore

    Alvin Chew majors in Biological Science at Nanyang Technological University under the Nanyang Scholarship. In his research, he works on viruses extensively. His love for science goes beyond the books. At the heart of his work is to champion various community causes for healthier and happier communities. His latest endeavour is on Life Planters, through which he desires to shape Singapore's heartlands into urban farms, everyday classrooms and green communal spaces

    John Phillip

    Mentor. Singapore

    John is a technology enthusiast who has startup experience in both the hardware and software domains. He currently mentors early-stage founders at the NUS entrepreneurship centre. John’s primary focus is on startups leveraging the Internet-of-Things and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

    Nicholas Paul Sheppard

    Educator. Singapore

    I am an assistant professor in the Infocomm Technology Cluster at the Singapore Institute of Technology. I previously taught software development in Australia, and developed software for digital libraries and open data systems. I have also published research in digital rights management and privacy.

    Rizza De Claro

    Designer. Philippines

    Rizza is the senior designer at The Mind Museum and also a proponent of its maker program, Makerspace Pilipinas. She takes pride in being part of an organization that uplifts science education in the Philippines.

    R. Arki

    Innovator. Indonesia

    Big fan of Innovation, Problem solver, Communicator, Entrepreneur, and a digital economy initiative learner. 


    Currently working as Deputy Executive Director for "Masyarakat Telematika Indonesia", the foremost Indonesia ICT association. Also became the Co Founder of Digicoop, the first digital cooperative in Indonesia, which is currently producing smartphones that have local apps preinstalled and using android based indonesia operating system.

    Alfred Tan

    Acoustic Expert. Singapore

    Dr Tan’s research expertise can be summed up as Acoustical Artifacts (AA). It is in the broadest sense all things about acoustics research activities; acoustics generation, piezoelectricity in gaming and mobile technology, renewable energy harvesting using vibration, bio-acoustics for mosquito larvae control, active noise control using directional sound, and more recently ultrasonic propulsion.

    Jerome Castañeda

    Design Engineer. Philippines

    A Mechanical Engineer by profession. He has more than 15 years of combined working experience in various positions as Senior Applications Engineer/CAD Supervisor, Mechanical Design Engineer/CAD Specialist in the fields of tool and die fabrication, electronics, automobile, CAD/CAM, and technical sales.

    Daniel Goh

    Student. Singapore

    Daniel Goh studied Information Systems at Singapore Management University and proceeded to work in a fast, upscale environment, creating innovative solutions for sustainable logistics. In his free time, Daniel loves to explore new information technologies, photography and also the art of juicing.

    Maulida Helmi Isnaini

    Socialpreneur. Indonesia

    Maulida is my name, come from Banjarnegara, Central Java Indonesia. Interest in social activity, Community Development, and socialpreneur. Learning about citizen journalism to explore a lot of potential from the nature beauty of Banjarnegara. Joint with youth Organization to create Generation of Entrepreneurs

    Liping Chan

    Fabricrafter. Singapore

    In 2011, Liping co-founded a fabric and sewing studio/workshop called A Craft Initiative. As a studio we do subcontract work for designers, creative agencies and arts institutions. We run public workshops for sewing in bags and apparel, as well as E-textiles. We do prototyping, fabric research and consultancy for complex fabric projects, usually for tech products and wearable tech. My current dream is to make a moving fish sculpture out of fabric.

    Jonathan Halim

    Student. Singapore

    Jon is an Economics and Political Science undergrad from the University of London. Passionate about serving the community and also environmental issues, he believes that an answer lies somewhere in between. In his free time, he serves the Jalan Kukoh community through their Resident’s Committee. A greenhorn gardener, from composting to talking to his plants, he is always exploring methods to make his plants sprout.

    John Lim

    Student. Singapore

    John is a budding Maker in embedded systems and software. He is current the president of the NTU Maker's Club and the founder / core team members for two new social ventures started while he was still a student. He is the main embedded systems developer for a new social venture called Life Planters that aims to educate the community about teh driven urban funding. John is also one of the web developers and initial co-founder for another social venture called Ladon that is based in the USA and provides crowd-sourced interpretation services over the phone. In His free time, John can be seen tinkering, making and exploring new projects and growing his own food.

    Brian Tang

    Social Innovator-Educator-Lawyer, Hong Kong

    Brian Tang is the founder of Young Makers & ChangeMakers, an inclusive education platform and community to foster young maker mindsets and 21st century skills. As a lawyer, Brian has advised on financing social innovations in cleantech and microfinance and has projects in edtech, fintech and crowdmapping to address food waste (ZacSnax). 

    CT Goh

    Private Investor, Singapore

    Chin Teck manages a portfolio of private equity investments. He is an active Start-up & New Ventures catalyst and Business Models strategist for SMEs and aspiring Disruptive Enterprises. He is active in numerous community service work since 1990’s. Chin Teck is an active member of the Adjunct Faculty of the PA National Community Leadership Institute. He further embraces emergent disruptive interests in the evolving innovations-driven transformations in Community Wellness and Healthcare.

    Lin Ee Jan

    General Practitioner, Singapore

    I'm a General Practitioner by vocation.I have broad hospital based practice in General Acute Medicine Cardiology and Oncology.

    I call myself a maker as I find myself constructing and deconstructing mechanisms. My interests are broad. I am one of Repairkopitiam volunteer as I believe in reducing, repairing and recycling. I have an active interest in Aquaponics, Vermicomposting and Black Sand Fly composting. I enjoy electronics and computer interfaces.I code and prototype in python. I have some projects in Raspberry Pi, Arduino and lately been coding using Selenium modules.

    Gurpreet Singh Dhillon

    Mad Scientist, Malaysia

    Biji-biji’s mad scientist with a love for energy, construction and manufacturing. If anything needs to be built, G has already gotten his hands into it. Currently leading R&D efforts for the initiative.

    Soh Chee Meng

    Educator, Singapore

    A person that believes in encouraging students/youths to be creative and taking the commitment to realise their creations and innovations. The key in any creation and innovation is also about the details and how it can be a collaborative effort amongst different disciples. It’s about the drive to make things happen.