• SEA Makerthon Grand Finale

    Representatives from 10 Southeast Asian cities

    Team Bamboo

    Champion SEA Makerthon Ho Chi Minh City

    Team members: Phong Trieu Durong, Le Hoang Qu and Ngo Minh Chinh
    Theme: Sustainable Packaging
    Organized by :Fablab Saigon
    Date: 25 & 26 June

    Ho Chi Minh focused on creating solutions for sustainable packaging. They focused on two main areas which was F&B packaging and increasing the life time packaging of household items. Team Bamboo wants to reduce the amount of packaging waste product by providing packing boxes of various sizes assembled from modular reusable pieces for logistics companies. This method minimizes the amount of packaging waste through modular reusable pieces. This reduces packaging waste and material costs for the company.

    Team Rat Hunter

    SEA Makerthon Phnom Penh

    Team Members: Leang Chanthy, Phauk Pauvrachana, FPidor Lydet and Meas Likun
    Theme: Reducing Wastage from Post-Harvest Crops
    Organized by : ARC Hub PNH
    Date: 12 -14 August 2016

    Agriculture is the traditional mainstay of the Cambodian economy as 80% of the work force are related to agriculture. Rats are a big problem for farmers as they destroy crops which they are dependent on for livelihood. Around 20% of the agriculture are destroyed by rats. Team Rat Hunter aims to help farmers reduce the destruction of their crops by using a less harmful method of capturing rats. Their device uses snake sounds (a natural predator of rats) that frighten rats to run towards traps. This allows farmers to sell the rats to neighboring Vietnam or Thailand where rice field rats are seen as delicacies.

    Team My Mind

    Champion SEA Makerthon Chiang Mai

    Team members: Pubets Artnarong,Khomsan Yara, Suchakree Phetin and Khampol Kantakaew
    Theme: Addressing Water Scarcity
    Organized by: Chiang Mai Maker Club
    Date: 26 & 27 August

    Team My Mind created a water trap which is a water saving ecosystem to address water shortages . It takes used water from the shower or bathing area in the bathroom and connects it to the toilet flush tank. The production cost is kept low as they created the product by using a 3D printing machine. The water trap pumps the water from the bathroom to a water reservoir designed as a beautiful flower vase. The water reservoir is designed to treat the water to reduce microorganism growth. The water is then directed to the flush tank.

    Team 7 Colourful Rabbit

    Champion SEA Makerthon Hanoi

    Team Members: Hanh Ngo Thi, Van Ngo Thi, Linh Bui Kieu Dieu, Anh Chu Lan
    Theme: Food Waste
    Organized by: Fablab Hanoi
    Date: 3 & 4 September 2016

    Team 7 Colourful Rabbit from Hanoi wants to change the way Vietnamese view food waste. They have come up with an idea called “Neighbourfood”. This idea is based on the sharing economy where communities can share their extra food with each other through an app that connects people in the same building. There is also an option to collect and donate the food at a centralized refrigerator. Their project wants to reduce the amount of food waste being produced everyday in Hanoi city.

    Team Bagi Rasa

    Champion SEA Makerthon Jakarta

    Team members: Siska Butar Butar, Muhammad Nanda Kurniawan, Stefanus William Utama, Adhelia Irawan, Mutiara Cininta and Puti Dita Anggasari
    Theme: Food waste
    Organized by :Makedonia Jakarta
    Date: 10 & 11 September

    Team Bagi Rasa has made a collaborative connected food menu engineering platform for household customers who has leftover food at home. Their prototype is an anti food-waste on demand that can share leftover food.They presented a holistic solution of tackling food waste in residential areas. Their strategy combines creating awareness about food planning at home and using IoT hardware sensors to analyze the type of waste being thrown away.This is a great solution for many households in Indonesia who are keen on saving food and money

    Team Fitchen

    Champion SEA Makerthon Singapore

    Team members: Durwin Ho, Raymond Doraisany, Albert Puah and Choo Yan Sheng
    Theme: Food Waste
    Organized by: Sustainable Living Lab and OneMaker Group
    Date: 24 & 25 September
    Team Fitchen created an IoT food inventory storage management system (IFISMS) that aims to help kitchen staff increase efficiency by eliminating the need for manual stock taking. The system boasts an integration of sensors and network electronics which transmits various storage data (i.e temperature, amount, expiration etc) to users through a dashboard. Through data analytics, smart insights are then derived which notifies users via a Chatbot to assist in the management and re-stocking of the industrial kitchen. The solution also features a hologram which can project a 3D image of food contents inside the fridge without the need to open it. The solution can be easily installed and is affordable for industrial kitchens. They aim to transform traditional industrial kitchens into smart kitchens affordably.

    Team All Star Innovation

    Champion SEA Makerthon Bangkok

    Team members: Pistipong Pantong, Sorawich Sirinarari, Pakpoom Eiamsouyngam and Kajornsak Janjam
    Theme: IoT in Logistics
    Organized by :Gravitech Thai
    Date: 30 September to 2 October

    Team All Star Innovation were crowned as the Champions of the SEA Makerthon 2016:Bangkok. As a team, they were concerned about the human errors made in warehouse management. Their project called the AWMS (Automation Warehouse Managment System), is a fully automated system that uses RFID and database to control robots in the warehouse. It has a system where users can easily monitor and control using any device. This can help businesses be more productive and efficient as it reduces cost, time, labour and mistakes in the warehouse management process.

    Team Goods Do Goods

    Champion SEA Makerthon Bandung

    Team members: Aussie Bara Atirasiiadepti, Rayindra Wiskasono, Muhammad Fadli Fitriyan and Nugraha Atmaja Adhilaga
    Theme: Urban Waste
    Organized by: Spirit Ganesha, Labtek Indie, ITB Alumni Association of Jawa Barat and Ruang Reka
    Date: 1 & 2 October

    Littering is a common unresolved issue in Bandung city even when litterbugs can be served with a fine. Team Goods Do Goods aims to solve this problem through a gamification experience of throwing litter. They created an app which encourages users to throw their waste in a designed bin that afterward praises and rewards users for using the bin. The reward will differ each day (discounts and vouchers) and vary from bin to bin thus giving the user a unique experience each time they throw their trash in the bin. With this it will create a win-win situation for both the user and the environment.

    Team Infinity Cycle

    Champion SEA Makerthon Penang

    Team members: Vincent Ong Boon Keong,Khaw Hui Ming, Johnson Ling Jong Yew and Christopher Leong Weng Siong
    Theme: Consumer Electronic and Appliances
    Organized by: Penang Science Cluster
    Date: 10 & 11 September

    Team Infinity Cycle aims to reduce many types of waste that we produce daily.It is able to collect all kinds of waste, including e-waste, a type of waste which is very sophisticated to be collected by the current automatic collection vending machines.The technical aspect of the project comprised of mainly of the Espresso lite 2.0 as the controller board and IOT infrastructure, providing power to weighing module (with a power bank) and driver circuits (amplifiers) for the weighing module. It also has an LCD and a set of switches for the waste selection.

    Team E-Waste

    Champion SEA Makerthon Kuala Lumpur

    Team name: Team E-Waste
    Theme: Computer Electronic Appliances and E-Waste
    Organized by: MyMaker
    Date:8 & 9 October

    The topic in Kuala Lumpur was about computer electronic appliances and e-waste. The team of 2 created a e-waste collection box that is IoT based and interfaces with an App via user’s number. It will also be known as a e-Cycle Box that aims to encourage proper waste disposal and recycling by rewarding users with cash vouchers or discounts.